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The Dallas Cowboys stadium represents a facility which set many records not only in the NFL, but around the world, from the largest retractable roof to the largest operable glass end-zone doors and the largest center hung video board ever built (Mitsubishi Diamond Vision). Because of the massive size of this facility, it presented many unique challenges for our scopes of work from engineering a solution that would allow us to install 10,000lbs line array clusters simultaneously in a vertical and horizontal direction over 200 feet from its pick point to over 1,500 individual point to point cable pulls (with no splices) which have an average cable length of 1,600feet. 

Input signal from microphones on the field to audio playback from video replay are transmitted on multi conductor analog audio cable and fiber optic cable for the Whirlwind digital snake being mixed by a Yamaha MC7L digital mixing console loaded with AES and CobraNET cards. Audio signals are distributed and controlled throughout the facility via a central core network distributing control and CorbaNET to 53 BSS London DSP engines and 8 AMX Control systems. From the Audio/Broadcast control room, the operator can manage various spaces throughout the facility from a centrally located interface. 

The main bowl sound system design is based on a distributive sound system, with 18 various sized line arrays consisting of 246 EV-BOSCH weatherized loudspeakers covering the main bowl seating, which are powered by 228 EV-BOSCH amplifiers loaded with RCM-26 cards for system optimization, monitoring and control. The back of house spaces, such as clubs, concourses, restrooms, etc., consist of over 2,000 various loudspeakers from EV-BOSH, Community, Atlas Sound and Tannoy and are all powered by 106 EV-BOSH CPS-2T amplifiers. 

Broadcast cabling point to point transmission consisted of more than 1,750,000 feet of various triax, video, mutli-pair audio, single mode fiber and UTP cabling. The broadcast cabling system connects various points throughout the stadium campus, such as camera locations, television truck dock, Electronic News Gathering area (ENG) and outside satellite truck pedestals, video replay and radio booths. There is an additional and separate installation serving the team coaches audio and video intercom systems. 

MATV signals are derived from off-air antennas and DSS satellite dishes, which are then converted from RF to optical and transmitted to the television truck dock, Electronic News Gathering area and IPTV head-end utilizing FoxCOM BSMARTV technology. The MATV system also includes redundant FoxCOM RF to optical signal distribution from the IPTV head-end to telecom closets around the facility with a sub-band return path.



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